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We Help Coaches, Consultants, and Advisors Use True Financial Wellness in Their Marketing and Services.

John M. Lesko
Certified Financial Educator


After decades in the market place, working with clients one-on-one through his investment advisory firm, John wanted to avail his expertise to a broader audience.

It doesn’t matter what type of coach you are; life coach, business coach, health coach, or consultant, you chose this profession to improve people’s lives.

It is your mission to educate and guide your clients to make the right decisions. The problem is that they don’t. Something is holding them back.

Your clients are just not financially well.

After years of as a certified financial educator and investment advisor, talking with literally thousands of people, I’ve finally come up with an answer. It’s not just financial literacy, knowing financial instruments. It’s the underlying financial behaviors and money blocks that cause financial and decision making stress

So, what is True Financial Wellness Marketing? And, why is this important when it comes to my coaching, consulting, or advisory practice?

It’s using the power of behavioral economics and financial blocks (money beliefs and disorders) in your coaching, consulting and marketing. It’s knowledge and techniques backed with scientific studies.

We’ve put together training and courses to effectively help you market and service your clients using these techniques.

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